Rick Writes as if he is speaking to you. The book makes you feel good and shows that you can get to the next level of your life. It appeals to those of all faiths. After all God is the artistic interpretation of all religions.

Katie D. Chicago, Il. 

It's just a great and warm articulation of his experience, which will serve and heal many. He deserves a big hand and Major Congratulations!  Neale Donald Walsch Author of "Conversations With God"

I want to thank you for sharing your story.
I've been through a really rough few years, myself. And hearing your story gives me hope.
 Peace and respect,
Christina, New York City

Generation You: The Awakening Has Begun is a wonderful book! It is creatively written to help those looking for some motivation in their lives. If you are currently in transition or thinking about making some positive changes towards your future, this is the book to read! Rick gently guides you through and gives wonderful tips on how to take the next step. His words and advice are written with a genuine heart and positive intention. As you read it, you feel connected to the author. Great read for sure!

Marisa G. Philidelphia, Pa.

The book is excellent and reminded me that I needed to get back on track. I so feel this book just came into my life at the right moment. My wish to everyone is that you pick up a copy and read it. As for you Rick there is only one thing I can say THANK YOU! If by writing this book your goal was to help people- count me in. I will be forever grateful to you.

Love and thanks,

Dianne G.

Chicago, Il.

I have been to places of higher to high and lower to low in my life just like the way GOD spoke to you.To me that your message speak to me directly as if am the one God is speaking to. Thank you.

Rose Emefa Nonoo, 31yrs old from Ghana.

This book came into my life at a time when I knew it was time to make a major career change. To put it simply, I didn't like the person that I had become after so many years of being on the so-called "ladder of success." Because I read manuals everyday, I appreciated that Generation You was easy to understand with clear language. It's a well-written interactive tool that has reminded me to stick to who I am and to stay true to myself as I recreate myself. Shipped very fast too.

Micah J. Naples Fl. 

Generation You has been a blessing! I purchased this book for my son because he has been so unclear on what he wants in life. After reading Rick's book he is on a path to living his dreams! I'm looking forward to borrowing it from him! 

Tammy W. Sarasota, Fl. 

This book has truly changed my way of thinking. I felt like it was written directed at me personally. I got an opportunity to meet the author and he really lives his life the way he writes about in this book. Definitely a must read and if you ever get an opportunity to meet Rick, take it. It will be well worth your time. 

Amy S. Pinellas Park, Fl. 

An absolutley life changing book. Within the first five pages, my mind had been blown. This book makes you take responsiblity for your decisons, for your own happiness and well-being. It is put so simply and straight forward, that is impossible to not feel empowered to change your life for the better. 

Caitlin B. Tampa, Fl.