We as humans have been taught over the

years to only see miracles at certain times, such as the ones

described earlier. Once again, miracles are a constant within all

of our lives. Now I am sure many of you are saying that you

may be leading a rough life right now or something is seriously

wrong and nothing has happened to change it. Well the problem

is we lock our definition of what a miracle is into the textbook

definition of one.

Think about your everyday life. We all take for granted

everything within it. The fact that we got up this morning to me

is always a miracle. Not because we’re not sick or injured, but

because life is not a given. I always tell people that the obituary

column in the daily paper is filled with people who thought they

had another day. What I mean by that is every day we are alive

needs to be looked at as a “gift” not as a “given”.

A roof over our

heads, food on the table, family or friends, these are all miracles.

Once again most of us take these things for granted. Everything

I just mentioned (family, friends and so forth) I have lost at one

time or another in my life. Therefore, I do not take anything or

anyone within my life for granted; they are all miracles to me.

Miracles are a matter of perspective. It is how we see things

that make them miracles. As for the expectations of miracles for

things like sickness or money and so forth, well yes, expect them,

because the Universe is always at work creating miracles every

moment of every day. The key is to believe in them.


Miracle this and miracle that, everyone receives miracles

and that’s a fact! Having a little fun, but it’s the truth! When

most people think about miracles it’s usually when they are in

a situation of dire need. Whether it is health, finances or even

relationship troubles, this is when most people always seem

to ask or pray for a miracle to happen in their life or someone

else’s. When in all actuality the Universe is in a constant state

of miracles. Not one moment goes by without the Universe

providing miracles all over our planet.

So, what is a miracle? Well the dictionary defines it as

this: an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that

surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to

a supernatural cause. Would you agree? Okay, so these “events”

happen all the time.