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The C.O.R.E. of Your Soul

Consciousness: Your state of being. It is your thoughts, feelings and sensations. It is the existence of one’s own awareness to his immediate surroundings. It is your identity. It is who and what you are in a constant state of perception.

Origin: Your origin is from the Universe. It is your genesis; the beginning of who and what you will be. This is where your connection to the Universe starts to take place. It is where your destiny is formed and the outcome of your life is determined. It is where inspiration and spirituality comes from through your existence.

Reality: The state of being (the physical you). It is where you become independent from all. It is being in the state of absoluteness. It is where your spirit comes together with your mind and body in the physical realm.

Eternity: This is the state of your soul from your conception to death and beyond. Your soul never dies. It is always in a constant state of life. It is in a perpetual state of agelessness. It will forever be indestructible and is limitless. It is without beginning or end and exists through all relations of time.

When you bare your soul for the first time, you will finally understand who you are and the power of the Universe's true love for you. I believe that the Universe communicates with all us through the soul. When you receive messages from the Universe, think of your soul as your body’s radio room. This is from where all the communications stem. This is where you meet the Universe one-on-one.

I have narrowed the soul down to four basic parts that I call the C.O.R.E. Your soul is the core of who you are. That’s why it is so important that you not only know your soul, but you understand it. You are such a beautiful person, and you should be able to experience all that life has to offer. To do so, one must experience one’s soul. Think about this: You are going to experience a oneness with the Universe, where all life begins. Sound a little crazy? Well it’s not. You will understand it once you finally experience it.

To truly experience your soul, you need to put yourself into a deep meditation. This is how I was able to experience mine. In fact, I meditate every day now. It clears my mind of all the negatives and I am free to experience my own soul. Have you ever meditated? If not, there are a lot of great books, CDs and DVDs on the subject. Make sure when you start to meditate that you are in an area where you will not be disturbed. I tend to meditate in a room where I have closed it off to all external light and only use candles. I put on one of my meditation CDs and sit back and relax. Within only a few minutes, I can feel my body releasing itself to the Universe. My mind is at ease and I can feel a gentle warmness throughout my body. It is probably the best part of my day. Once I am done, I always feel refreshed and ready to go. My mind is more alert and I am ready to take on the day.